She was a little panicked. The family vacation was in jeopardy.

This was the car she was taking on vacation the next day. On her way to work, a rock hit her windshield. Her day was booked solid. So, I replaced the windshield in her parking lot and by the time her last meeting ended, the vehicle was ready to drive. Her vacation plans were back on track.

She said it was a field trip for the kids without ever leaving the school.

While replacing a windshield for a preschool teacher, the kids asked if they could watch. They sat on the steps of the school and asked me questions while I worked. To my surprise, the teacher told me I had taken the kids on a field trip without ever leaving the school.

The snow from the 18 wheeler smashed her windshield.

We were busy thanks to a snowstorm when Sister Catherine called us from the side of the road on I-93. Snow had slid off an 18-wheeler and smashed her windshield. I dropped everything and had the car towed to our location, and we got her back on her way within 2 hours.

Don’t worry, Ma’am. We’ll get your dogs home safe and sound.

While showing her prized pooches at a Boston dog show her car was broken into and her back window was completely shattered. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get the dogs home safely. I did a replacement at the convention center, cleaned up all the glass and had the vehicle ready before the show ended.

She came around the counter and hugged me with tears in her eyes.

An elderly lady had a cracked windshield but didn’t know how she could afford it. She didn’t think she had insurance and I asked if I could double check. Turns out she did and it covered the whole thing. She was so happy she hugged me with tears in her eyes.

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The service technician was polite and thorough. He took the time to explain all aspects of the removal and installation of the windshield. Thank you for a job well done. I would recommend JN Phillips to my friends.

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